Weekly rainbow

Our growing love of rainbows is rubbing off on every member of the family - W made himself a rainbow calendar this week. My photo doesn't really do it justice but each sheet has a day of the week written on it (good practice for last week's spellings from school!) and then been coloured in and stuck together with wool and masking tape. He's been testing his brother on which colour it is every day!

Trials and tribulations of being 5

Eldest son is a conundrum at the moment. In some ways he is so grown up and in other ways I feel like he is going backwards. He is absolutely loving school and learning - we keep being surprised by how many things in the real world he can now read and he is doing lots of writing and pictures at home to take back in to share with his class. He is pretty self sufficient in many ways as well - always gets himself dressed and ready to go out the door and he can sort himself out at mealtimes.

Set against this really grown up chap, we are back to lots of shouting and tears when things aren't going his way and we are battling his eczema again. When he was three and four he used to be completely against leaving the house - I have never been one for staying at home all day and once we got out he was normally fine but we used to have lots of shouting and screaming beforehand. I got into the habit of telling him we were going out well ahead of time to give him five minutes to have his tantr…

Tuff tray round up - January

I've been thinking about how to make things flow more easily between Instagram and my blog. It is quick and easy to post on Instagram so I do it more often but I suspect in future I will be less likely to go back and look at my posts. One of the reasons I started blogging was to help me remember these early years - my memory for that sort of thing is rubbish and it all blurs into one in my head - so I want to be able to look back on the things we got up to on here as well.

So I'm going to start a monthly round up of our #tufftraytuesday efforts. So far this month we have had a tufftraythursday and sunday too so it's going well - I might need to bank a few over the next couple of months so I feel less bad when it all goes out the window with a tiny baby thrown into the mix!

Our first #tufftraytuesday wasn't actually on the tuff tray but on our new DIY light table, taken from this post on The Imagination Tree. Our growing love of wooden toys means we don't have much …


This is a very belated post to help me remember A's early years. His first word, shortly before Christmas, was 'boo'. And if he doesn't know what else to do with himself then he still resorts to a couple of 'boos' to get a laugh from me and his brothers. He is now saying a couple of other things - 'yes' (in an oddly clear way), 'more', we've just about got 'ball' and a bit of a 'mmm' noise for milk. T is doing his best to teach him to say 'nah' which I am trying to knock on the head as I find it incredibly irritating!

Almost a new year's resolution...

I'm not a big fan of new year's resolutions (or New Year itself if I'm honest, although not really sure why!) but December was a bit mad this year so I have found myself calming down and taking stock in January.

Alongside wanting to dedicate a bit more time to my blog, I have been thinking about our time at home. My aim is to be more inspired and organised with our play and activities in 2019. My preference is to be out and about all the time but with the constraints of school runs, toddler naps and a growing baby bump we are going to continue to spend a fair amount of time at home this year.

None of us are very good at coming up with lots of imaginative play ideas on the hoof so this is partly about having more ideas up my sleeve and more resources to hand when a prompt is required. If all goes to plan and I am spending the summer pinned to the sofa feeding a tiny baby then anything that helps to entertain the boys is going to be useful. And I am also hoping that having …

A surprisingly successful soft play party

Middle son turned four last weekend and, to celebrate, we had our first go at a soft play party. A January birthday means that parties at home have to be mostly inside and it often gets a little mad - we hired soft play equipment for his first birthday that was far too big for our sitting room and it was chaos! This year he was adamant that he didn't want a party at home and he wanted to invite his nursery friends for the first time. I must admit I was less than keen on handing over my money and signing up to the list of terms and conditions but it went surprisingly well.

We tried out a couple of soft play places that host parties back in November to see what they were like and settled on the local leisure centre (even though it is strangely tucked away in the corner of the shopping centre). I'm really glad we went for somewhere that gave us the place to ourselves. Even though not all the children knew each other beforehand (we had nursery friends, family friends and cousins)…

Christmas makes

A December filled with last minute Christmas craft and middle son's birthday in early January mean my blog has been a little ignored recently. However, Christmas and birthday are now out the way, school and nursery have started back and I have a bit of time to devote to this again.

So I'm starting with a very belated post with my Christmas makes. These mostly went into the boys' stockings so I have to pretend they are Santa's handiwork but I am secretly proud of (most of!) my efforts.

- Rainbow peg dolls
We painted a set of six rainbow peg dolls earlier in the year to match our mini Grimms rainbow, and I wanted to fill in the gaps for the 12 piece rainbow for T's stocking. I was pretty pleased with our colour mixing efforts for the second six, I think the lime green doll is my favourite.

- Rainbow cones
In hindsight, it probably would have been easier to spend my money on the Grimms rainbow forest rather than decide to have a go with liquid watercolours myself. But…